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Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Android Master Course
  • My Personal advice
  • Java and Intellij idea installation and setup
  • Create your first project
  • Data type in Java
  • Variables in Java
  • Operators in Java
  • If and else in Java 
  • Switch case in Java
  • Loops in Java
  • Array in Java
  • Arraylist in Java
  • Methods in Java
  • Try and Catch in Java
  • Classes in Java
  • Objects in Java
  • Constructor in Java
  • Create methods in class 
  • Getter and Setter in Java
  • Inheritance in Java
  • Abstract class in Java
  • Interface in Java
  • Install Android Studio 6
  • Create your First Project 12
  • Create Emulator  
  •  Make an clickable android app
  • Text View in Android   
  • Linear Layout in Android  
  • Constraint Layout in Android
  • Relative layout in Android
  •  Creating a Profile Page Part – 1

  • Creating a Profile Page Part – 2

  • Creating Profile Page Part – 3

  • Creating Profile Page Part – 4 

  • Building Layout
  • Playing Local Music 
  • Playing Online Music 
  • Playing music from storage
  • Making a video player app
  • Layout setup
  • Understand Intent
  • Understand Recyclerview
  • Project setup 
  • Creating custom layout 
  • Preparing our recyclerview adapter
  • Loading quotes on screen 
  • Adding Copy and Share feature 
  • Room Persistence library overview 
  • Project setup 
  • Creating Entity class 
  • Creating Dao interface 
  • Creating Database class
  • Creating Repository class 
  • Creating Viewmodel class 
  • Preparing our Mainactivity
  • Adding recycler view 
  • Designing Add Student Screen 
  • Adding data to Database 
  • Making our custom layout
  • Getting data from Database 
  • Deleting data from Database 
  • Sending data to edit screen 
  • Updating data in Database
  • Api overview
  • Understanding Volley and json data
  • Fetching data from api 
  • Getting data from json object
  • Getting resource 
  • Adding Volley to our project
  • Creating our custom layout and Adapter
  • Making request on pixabay api 
  • Loading images on our app 
  • Displaying images in Gridview 
  • Creating our Wallpaper data class 
  • Showing likes count on images
  • Firebase introduction
  • Creating Project and Exploring features in Firebase
  • What is View binding and How to use it
  • Linking Android app to Firebase
  • Creating our Signin and Signup screen  
  • Designing our Sign In Screen 
  • Creating user with email and password
  • Validating user authentication 
  • Displaying user profile and adding logout feature
  • Adding Login feature 
  • Adding Google Signin feature 
  • Authenticate  user with Google sign in 
  • Firestore overview
  • Creating new project on Firebase
  • Project setup
  • Building our layout
  • Creating Add Customer Screen 
  • Validating user input
  • Storing data in Firestore database 
  • Creating our custom layout
  • Creating our Recyclerview Adapter class
  • Getting data from Firestore database
  • Loading single data from Firestore
  • Query in Firestore
  •  Order by in Firestore 
  •  Limits in Firestore
  •  Compound Query in Firestore 
  •  Snapshot Listener in Firestore
  •  Pagination in Android
  • Adding EndlessRecyclerview ScrollListener
  •  Adding Search feature
  • Making search query in Firestore database
  • Adding Delete and Edit feature 
  •  Deleting user from Firestore Database
  •  Setup for update customer data
  •  Updating all data in Firestore database
  •  Updating data by fields in Firestore database
  •  Firebase storage setup and overview
  •  Layout customization
  • Getting image from gallery 
  • Uploading Image to Firebase storage 
  • Getting download url
  • Loading image in to the recyclerview
  • Creating update customer screen
  • Updating customer data with profile url
  • Deleting old image from firebase storage
  • Adding Firebase push notification 
  • Sending push notification from Firebase Dashboard
  • Firebase Crashlytics overview and setup 
  • Change app icon
  • How to generate apk file
  • Adding proguard rules protect your app from reverse engineering 
  • Generate aab File to upload on play store 
  • Generate new version of your app 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a recorded video course. When you enroll in the course you get instant access of all videos.  

This course is in Hindi language and a little bit of English.

You can use any computer with 64 bit , 8 GB Ram , Windows 10

Yes, After completing the course you will get a course completion certificate.

Yes, we provide you 15 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like the course you can definitely ask for a refund.

You can ask any question on our private FB group where me and my team will help you.

Nope, There are 2,714,499 Apps Google play store and no one can teach you making all type of apps in one course But  In this course you learn How to make big apps and You learn “How to Learn New Things and Implement it on your project”. After completing this course you will be a person who don’t know solutions of all problems but who know how to find the solution of any problem

It depends on you. Usually it is recommended to complete this course in 6 months.

No, You cannot download videos however you can watch it anytime you want – any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Do you have any question regarding this Course.
You can WhatsApp me on this no. +91 8149313747

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